discovery channel gas station owner punjabi with riged pumps

This blog has existed since July 11, 2005.

I've written about a large number of things in that time, but nothing stresses that point like the following phrase:

discovery channel gas station owner punjabi with riged pumps

I use a site called to give me stats about this blog-- how many people are visiting, when they're visiting, and from where (don't get creeped out, I can't see "who" is visiting).

There are some other interesting statistics-- the percentage of people using Macs/PCs, Explorer/Firefox/Safari, the search engine people used to get to the blog (though most type the URL straight into the address bar), and the search words they used to get there.

This last item gets interesting. Most of the people who get here via search engine do so with something predictable-- "tim urban," "underneath the turban," etc. But then there are the others-- the web surfers who have never heard of me or my blog, who happen upon it during an unrelated search.

The searches of these surfers tell me two things-- how weird web surfers are, and how weird my blog is that these searches lead to it.

One of these struck me as particularly odd:

discovery channel gas station owner punjabi with riged pumps

If you type that into google, not only does my blog come up, it's the first one in the list.

And while we're here, we might as well continue. In the last week alone, the following web searches have led to my blog:

ron jeremy
reason popeye needs spinach
transvestite tv
famous little girls
swimming turban for kids
deleted stickie mac
"shiny shell" turtle
strippers killington vermont
south american turban
mtv kennedy
college dude normal
driving across nebraska to the black hills
7 people with the same face
famous 80's weddings
standard poodle suck
pronounce surya
youtube makeover transvestite
history of turban in africa
80's guy outfit
little girls fuck
eve marson
leave britney alone
sitcom ratings
adam lunin
turban on to catch a predator
how to unwrinkle dress shirts
fat famous girls
shat his pants episode recap
kyrgyzstan designer
danny bonaduce life coach
shot the turban
sci fi turban
blue police turban
reason popeye spinach
perez hilton is fat
paid sleep study indiana
how to stop being a potato coach
johnny fairplay dental work
horse body slinkies
making a small turban look big

Making a small turban look big. And that's where I'll leave it.

Go Pats.


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. i love it! and i love you too!

Anonymous said...

speaking of Yaoman and Johnny FP...both are Survivor contestants... in the new season: fans vs favorites again! (Feb. 7, 8pm)

...resurgence of (reality) tv :)

Anonymous said...

Of all the places you've been these
are sites I also have never visited

CA should've been real ,only with a
celebrity team member each week.And
'2nd chance' vs '1st chance' teams.
Tim vs Omarosa , etc.

frmr jhi ...

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is googling me?!
-Eve Marson

RJ said...

that was so funny.. i have to check that out.. Ü

Anonymous said...

However...when searching, if one were to put that list in quotes, I doubt your blog would come up. " " searches for more specific results.

Anonymous said...

some are hilarious ...

some are sorta sick ...

funny ... nonetheless

I believe they are related to the word you have to type in below to post something. FAUJOOOS ... right.

I got your FAUJOOOS right here. They don't even spell it right.

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