A Gift Gone Wrong

I went to the UPS today to send a package. On the way in I couldn't help but notice a See's Candies next door.

Mad tempting.

So I said screw it and bought a box of chocolates. That's right. I bought a box of chocolates. For myself.

I then headed into UPS, and while I was waiting, I opened the box, and ate one of the chocolates. Awfully delicious.

Then, while I was being helped, I felt a generous urge, and said to the UPS lady, "Would you like a chocolate?" She agreed that she would, and eyed her choices.

In my head, I was repeating the phrase, "Not the white one. Not the white one." (There was only one white one). Then she took the white one.

It was the closest I've ever come to hitting a woman.


Anonymous said...

Tim - I've missed you and your musings! These are hysterica! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend:)

Anonymous said...

You should have hit her

morgan said...

who has qualms about hitting women?

Anonymous said...

You are silly and funny,I can tell you have fun everyday.

Anonymous said...

WOW. did u hit nicole?