The Best of Break

In a couple hours I'll fly 3,000 miles across the country to go to the Harvard-Yale tailgate, engage in countless awkward interactions with people I haven't seen since college, and then skip the second half of the game to go to a bar and watch Michigan-Ohio State.

Before I leave though, I figured I'd throw you an entertaining bone or sixteen.

The other night, I was procrastinating on a site called, and got stuck there for about 3 hours. It's like YouTube, except it revolves almost solely around slapstick clips. After 3 hours, here are my favorites: -- if you witnessed this in person, you'd immediately call people and tell them about it. -- the kangaroo is wearing boxing gloves.
his_eye.html -- this is long, but rewarding. -- also long, also rewarding. -- everyone likes to have a good laugh at the expense of an animal. -- as noted in a previous entry, I take immense pleasure in watching people get startled. -- horrifying. -- a brilliant prank. -- I've posted this before. Ever since seeing this, I just yell, "Yaweh!" whenever I'm in the face of adversity. It's surprisingly effective. -- it doesn't get much better than this. -- this has made its way around the internet. It's pretty interesting to watch. -- stupid, but by the end, it had grown on me. -- I love things like this. -- it's odd-- the first half of this clip starts off as an interesting look back to the first days of the internet, and then the second half is completely unrelated, but it made me laugh outloud. -- good old slapstick. -- I have watched this at least 10 times, and each time he shoots himself it gets funnier. -- this might be my favorite. And it gets funnier every time.

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