Less Than Ideal

Good: Coming home after 10 days away, landing in LA at 11pm, cabbing it to my apartment, excited to go to sleep immediately.

Bad: Realizing that I gave my roommate my keys so he could move my car, assuming that even though this roommate was going out of town, the other roommate would be there upon my return. As it turns out, neither one was in town-- I was locked out.

Good: Deciding to call some friends in hope that someone would be awake to put me up for the night.

Bad: Remembering that my phone was out of batteries because I played iPhone Scrabble the whole plane ride.

Good: Deciding I would go to a nearby bar and use their outlet to charge my phone.

Bad: Realizing I left my charger on the East Coast.

Good: Going to the bar and asking them if I could use their phone.

Bad: Realizing I didn't know anyone's phone number except two friends who were both out of town.

Good: Deciding to drive to a hotel for the night.

Bad: Remembering that my car key is also on my key chain.

Good: Scanning my apartment, noticing a window I could potentially climb through.

Bad: Looking down and realizing that if I slipped while doing so I'd fall 30 feet to my paralysis and/or death, and deciding that wasn't that rad a risk to take.

Good: Realizing that I could use my laptop and get an internet signal from inside the apartment.

Bad: Emailing people but getting no responses yet because it's 12:45am.

Still Bad: Currently sitting at my apartment, on the steps, out of ideas, checking baseball scores.

Good: The weather is nice.


Anonymous said...

...waiting for the end of the story...

Tim said...

Here's how it ended-- I sat around emailing people until a friend finally emailed back. I crashed with them, and woke up sneezing violently because the pillow I was using had moths.

Anonymous said...

Good: A good example of why
I check back here most days

Bad: Most days I check back

Ernest Hemingway ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finishing the story :-) Note, next time give away the car key only and not the apartment key! At least you had internet!!

Anonymous said...

A little bit unrelated ... a guy at calpoly for his senior project decided to spend the entire quarter homeless to see what that was like. Slept under bridges behind dumpsters and asking for food etc ... and wrote a journal about the whole ordeal. Interesting. Changed his world.

w4gw4gewg34w said...


best blog ever.

Anonymous said...

keep blogging! you always make me laugh.