Sitcom Ratings

I've spent too much time trying to explain why I can't watch the American version of The Office. It's excruciating to watch. If I had never seen the British Office*, I would enjoy the American version. I wouldn't love it, but I'd enjoy it. But I'm one more "Dwight's the funniest character ever" away from throwing my laptop into my desktop, which would make both computers unusable and bring down my quality of life rating significantly. I really need those computers.

The best way I can describe my experience watching the American Office is this: imagine a new version of Seinfeld, except all the new actors were much less funny and much worse at acting, the writing was significantly worse, and all subtlety was drained from the show and replaced by cheesy one-liners. That's the situation I'm dealing with here. (Of course, my roommate Will, who hates everything I like and likes everything I hate, cackles his wretched heart out watching the American version.)

While we're on the topic, my sitcom ratings on a scale of 1 to 100.

The Office (British version) = 99
The Family Guy = 96
Seinfeld = 94
The Simpsons = 87
Curb = 84
Friends = 80
Cosby = 76
Scrubs = 75
American Dad = 73
Married With Children = 71
South Park = 69
The Office (American version) = 66
Roseanne = 59
Mad About You = 54
Family Matters = 48
The Single Guy = 9

*The British Office is the only sitcom I've ever consistently rewound during episodes to see lines again. It is also the only sitcom I've seen that is funnier the sixth time than it is the first.** Even an episode of The Family Guy loses something by the sixth viewing.

**Interestingly enough, most people don't love the British Office the first time they see it, including myself. It has to grow on you, which takes two or three episodes.

UPDATE:  Since writing this post, I have learned to love the American Office, and would give it a solid 86 now.


Jacob Eli said...

No Arrested Development on the list? I'm disappointed...

Anonymous said...

I am appalled that only 30 points separate Curb and Mad About You. Paul Reiser can rot in hell.

Happy Birthday Turban.

Anonymous said...

Your rating of the Cosby Show below Friends is highly disturbing. The Cosby show should necessarily be split into two categories: The Cosby Show Seasons 1-5 and The Cosby Show Seasons 6 and later. Season 6 came with the intro of Olivia, which sadly made the humor level decline drastically. With the entrance of Pam and her posse, all hope was lost. So, to give this show all its deserving comedic credit, a series split is in order, whereby Seasons 1-5 would most certainly receive an 85 or above, and Seasons 6 and later could rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

If you like the British version of the Office (best show ever) try watching Frontilne.

Its an Australian series made in the early 1990's, which saterizes the media