And here it is. Unabridged. My Thursday:

11:37- After waiting in line at the post office (a midday gathering spot for grumpy, mundane adults), I got to the front only to be told to go fill out a form. After filling out the form I went back to the front of the line to grab the next spot. This did not please the grumpy, mundane adults in the line. And just like that, the post office was an awkward place to be. When I finally left, I didn't have time to get lunch as I had planned, so I went into a nearby Krispy Kreme. It was my first time in a Krispy Kreme. My initial observation was that the people working there were all quite fat. I ordered a donut and took a bite. Suddenly the fatness made perfect sense-- it was the most delicious food in the world. At that moment, the Krispy Kreme glazed donut catapulted up and over my top 7 bites of food list (an entry somewhere down below). I'm still reeling from the sheer deliciousness that occurred. It took me 24 and a half years, but I finally tasted the best food that exists.

11:58- I then hurried to my office to meet my 12:00 student, who is pretty sure she's starring in Clueless at all times. She talks exactly like the girls in Clueless. Today she was unusually stressed out because her upcoming spring break would be with her family on a ranch, where "there's, like, no shopping at all."

2:00- Cher heads out, and my next student, a USC junior, comes in, possibly stoned. He is in an a cappella group at USC and had brought a recording of their last concert. He plays me the song where he has the solo. "Fix you" by Coldplay. A number of Coldplay songs make me want to cry/die/cuddle with someone, and Fix You is the worst. I held it together until the chorus, when I made him turn it off immediately, because I was going to either have to cuddle with someone in the next 5 seconds, or start crying, and doing either of these things with my student would have been uncomfortable for both of us.

8:00- I head to Sushi with a friend, only to realize that the waiter is the first person I have ever come into contact with who has both an Asian accent and a lisp. A shocking sound.

8:04- I notice Marwan, the terrorist from 24 last season, sitting at the table next to me. Eating sushi. No nerve gas. No nuclear weapon. Not even a gun. Just sushi. Still, I was uneasy.

11:30- After going the whole day without finding out what happened in the NCAA games, I idiotically open up without thinking about it and see J.J Redick looking like one of the sick people in Outbreak. So with that game ruined, I immediately turned away, and went to the TV to at least watch the two late games, which I had also TiVo'd. I watched the last half of the Gonzaga-UCLA game, and to my dismay, the TiVo cut off with a few minutes left in that game and the WV-Texas game, and I had been too stupid to TiVo the following show. So I went to and opened the lead article, which professes that the late games had the best two endings in the tournament so far. Why.

12:15- While flipping from the TiVo'd game to ESPN (to try to catch the highlights), I happen upon a Girls Gone Wild ad. With absolutely no intention of stopping there, I sat there with the remote in my hand and my arm extended toward the TV, paralyzed, and watched the ad for 5 full minutes, the whole time with my arm extended and finger on the channel button. Sometime in the 6th minute, I found the strength to press the channel button and continue my route to Sportscenter. I got there to hear them talk about how ridiculously great the endings of the two late games were, and turned the TV off.

On a hopeful note, my final four in most of my pools is LSU, UCLA, UConn, and Villanova.


Anonymous said...

I've had the exact same experience with the girls gone wild ad. I also can't believe you saw Marwan. That's frightening.

Andrew said...

its really awkward that you're 24 and a half.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that I never introduced you to Krispy Kreme. As your mother I feel like a failure.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Robin that I'm horrified that you went almost 25 years without a Krispy Kreme!!! I'm truly ashamed! To think I am a part of this family!

Anonymous said...

Who do you have winning in the final four?

Anonymous said...

krispykremes are delicious anytime of day-- get the sixpacks, chocolate glazed at safeway...a great way to end a friday night and start a sat. morning...mmm...iggy.