I Never Thought It Would Come to This

I was in the grocery store today when I decided to buy a box of 1-a-day Viactin calcium chews, since I never have any calcium.

It was when I got home that I saw it on the label-- "Active Nutrition For Women, By Women."

I'm still gonna eat them.

But I'm not pleased.


Anonymous said...

the box is purple, what do you expect.

Anonymous said...

they're delicious

Anonymous said...

It's Viactive...and they are tasty... just don't eat more than one a day.

Anonymous said...

As a newcomer to your blog, I just wanted to leave you a note and say your entries are fucking awesome. You're smart, and funny, and can actually bring that across when you write, which is sadly a rarity these days. Anyway, you've made me laugh and helped me procrastinate, so thank you :-).