Michael and Me

My poor grandmother has been sick in the hospital for the past week. My aunt had emailed me the phone number of her hospital room, and today I called her.

She picked up, and I explained that it was Tim calling, and that I hoped she was doing alright. She explained that she wasn't doing alright, and when I said that she'd be back at home soon, she said she probably wouldn't. She sounded a bit different, but she had had a minor stroke a week ago, and I knew that a stroke can affect speech. She asked how I was doing, and I told her a bit about what was happening with me. Our conversation continued for a few more minutes-- we talked about her condition, and life here in LA, and my grandfather. Then she said, "Is this Michael?"

I was talking to someone else's grandmother.

I explained that I wish her the best, but that I had to go.


Anonymous said...

You told this story better in person

Anonymous said...

sounds like it comes straight from a sitcom.

Anonymous said...

nice meeting you.gdvjrepb

Anonymous said...

do you actually keep a straight face when you're telling these stories in person??