Deep Thoughts

I spent 24 hours in Las Vegas, from Sunday morning to Monday morning. In that time I placed hundreds of dollars on 30 different Super Bowl bets, played a long poker session, and some blackjack. After being way down, and then way up, and then down again, I ended up with $2 less than I started with. I can't tell if I'm happy about this or not.

Either way, Vegas seems to have taken something out of me. Four pieces of evidence:

Our trip home included 20 minutes of me searching for my car in the parking lot (although this happens to me all the time, not just today. One of the most consistent experiences I have).

Later today I had an interaction where a guy said, "hey, what's up?" and I said "good" by accident, and only minutes later I had another interaction with another guy, in which I said, "how's it going?" and the guy replied "nothing." Feeling his pain, I said "cool" and pretended everything was alright. But we both knew it wasn't.

I then continued on to the trash chute on my floor with a pile of trash in one hand and two bills, all set to be mailed out, in my other hand. I proceeded to throw the bills down the trash chute and found myself standing there holding a pile of trash. Normally I would have cursed and kicked the wall, but today I was too stupid to do even that. I just stood there, kind of staring at the trash chute, thinking about simple things.

Finally, I'm incredibly unsure if I've spelled "chute" correctly. I'm pretty sure it's not "shoot," and I tried typing "shute" and it looked hideous, so I guess "chute" is the least of three evils. But looking at the word right now, it just looks ridiculous, even weirder than "know" looked the other day.


Anonymous said...

I constantly lose my car also. Why do we do that?

Anonymous said...

I love you!

Anonymous said...

I bought it.

Ipshi said...