A Part of Life That I Have Not Yet Figured Out

I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself during tours of other people's homes. I just have no sense of how to react. While subjected to such a tour tonight, I predicted that there would be at least 8 rooms and hence 8 reactions on my part, and tried to pace myself. I didn't want to react too strongly at the beginning, because then if I let down during future rooms I would seem disappointed, but if I kept up the ooh's and aah's in every room it would seem phony and meaningless. So I kept my cool at the beginning and even had the balls to stay silent after a view of the dining room. I sensed a great amount of pride in the host as we entered the kitchen and I figured this was the time for my grandest reaction. I would regret this though, as we immediately entered into a series of bedrooms each of which excited the host mightily, and since my reactions all paled in comparison to my stunt in the kitchen, I think he finished the tour feeling down because he thought I hated his bedrooms. The worst part was that the living room turned out to be the best room in the house, but it was the first stop on our adventure and I didn't know at the time that it was all downhill from there, plus I was set on the "keeping my cool at the beginning" strategy, and reacted rather mildly. In retrospect, I wish I had better praised the living room.

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quiv said...

moral of the story: when giving a house tour, show the worst rooms 1st. stand-up comics know this.