Spring Break

LA schools are in the midst of a two-week spring break. Which means I am in the middle of spring break as well. Hence the lapse in entries.

I'm currently in Colorado visiting a friend. Some highlights:

-On Sunday I tried snowboarding for the first time. Things did not go well. It's Wednesday now and it still hurts to sit down, move my arms, stand up, and walk. By the end of the day Sunday I had learned to make a few consecutive turns between concussions, but at the cost of my physical well-being and self-esteem.

-On a brighter note, there's a long list of recent movies that I haven't seen that people yell at me for not having seen, and I saw 6 of them in the last 4 days:

Walk the Line- Excellent. It was an A- to Ray's B. I'd marry Reese Witherspoon right here and right now.

Memoirs of a Geisha- Also very good. Not since The Joy Luck Club have I enjoyed an Asian movie this much (these are the only two Asian movies I've seen). And Ziyi Zhang is delectable.

Anchorman- I found it stupid, along the lines of Dumb and Dumber, a movie which I hate. But I'll also acknowledge that it could be one of those absurd movies that grows on you after seeing it more than once, like Zoolander, a movie which I liked after having seen it twice. The "all the characters are absurd" approach is very risky, and it has to be really funny to work. Come to think of it, I hated Bewitched, and I thought Old School was overrated (people refuse to admit that this movie wasn't that great)-- I'm realizing that maybe I just don't think Will Ferrell is that funny.

Team America- They managed to make fun of almost everything-- liberals, conservatives, America, foreigners, terrorists, Hollywood-- and it was all funny. And Kim Jong Il was a painfully funny character.

The Incredibles- I really loved this movie. Just great all around. Amazing animation, great plot, good characters.

Forty-Year-Old Virgin- This was solid. Unlike the absurd characters in Anchorman, these characters were almost real people, and it made me laugh a bunch of times. This is the first time I've liked Steve Carrol in anything. Although I'll never forgive the guy in the movie who was also the guy in Clueless, after my immense, burning jealousy when Cher fell for him at the end.

-On Monday I went to a casino with my friend to play poker, somewhere in the middle of rural Colorado. I know "Ski-Town Colorado", and I know "Denver Colorado", but my experience with "The Rest of Colorado" is limited. In The Rest of Colorado, everyone is white, and there is 1 Jew for every 200,000 guns. Also, don't talk about abortion in front of The Rest of Colorado.

-Speaking of which, http://entertainment.tv.yahoo.com/entnews/ap/20060328/114359178000.html

-Finally, I win two of my four pools if LSU wins on Saturday. And on that note, this tournament has been pure joy from beginning to end.


Anonymous said...

The first day of snowboarding is one of the most difficult and frustrating experiences one can have.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be jealous of the guy Cher falls for in "Clueless" because he's also the same guy who married Phoebe on "Friends."