Google Earth

Yesterday I discovered Google Earth. Since then I've told a bunch of people about it and everyone's reaction has been the same: "You didn't know about Google Earth?" The fact that no one has pointed this out to me is infuriating. Nothing has ever been up anyone's alley as much as this is up mine (alley). Even my turtle said he knew about Google Earth. Either way, this is my safe space to say what I want and no one can tell me they've already seen it before. So here we go.

It's the coolest fucking thing ever. It's mindblowing. I zoomed in on my car in my driveway in Newton, and 15 seconds later I was looking at a swimming pool in Delhi, then at the Egyptian pyramids, then at the Eiffel Tower, then at Las Vegas, then at the mountain I hiked in New Zealand, etc. etc. etc. For five hours last night.

Today, I was tired.

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CorbecJayne said...

You didn't know about Google Earth?