10 Ugly People Who Everyone Insists Are Good-Looking

Uma Thurman
Meryl Streep
Heath Ledger*
Sean Penn
Penelope Cruz**
Barbra Streisand
Venus Williams
Nicholas Cage

*I don't care what anyone says, Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, and Joaquin Phoenix are all the same person.
**Take it easy-- she's not ugly, but she's definitely weird-looking.


Happy Will said...

Kirsten Dunst definitely deserves to be on this list

Tim Urban said...

I left people like Kirstin Dunst and Sarah Jessica Parker off because they were too obvious.

Anonymous said...

jennifer aniston.

Anonymous said...

Reese Witherspoon.
Something about her forehead..
oh right, it takes up her entire head.

~by another anonymous

Tony Freinberg said...

A few important issues:

1. Uma Thurman is beautiful.
2. Joaquin Phoenix also looks exactly like Matt Dillon.
3. Bressman, as usual, is quite right: KD is ugly...in person, as well as onscreen.
4. Anyone who thinks Penis Williams is attractive is blind.

Anonymous said...

is there really someone out there who thinks nicolas cage is good looking? dear god.