I don't get addicted to too many things. I get temporarily obsessed with things often,* but it usually doesn't last that long.

But Scrabulous, Facebook's Scrabble application, has taken over my life.

I was never a Scrabble player in the past. Many games excited me much more, and I had probably engaged in the game under 5 times in my life. Then, the Facebook version was introduced to me last month, and I've played about 40 games since then. It is all-encompassing.

Most of my games have been played against Andrew "The Body" Finn, whom I currently live with and work with. Considering that the last thing we need is anything that might lower morale, this has not been a good development.

I'd write more, but I have four games of Scrabble going on. I'm trying to make a seven letter word out of SHUBLET-- don't think it's happening.

*Former temporary addictions include:

-NY Times crossword puzzles (Tuesday and Wednesday)
-fantasy football (not temporary)
-magnet darts
-hearts (recurring)
-spades (recurring)
-Zany Golf for Apple IIGS
-poker (not temporary)
-this guy's webisodes
-this dumb game Gradius III
-that game Zuma on my phone
-silly putty (recurring)
-Super Mario, The Lost Levels (this was my one source of happiness during the sleep study)
-that game Diamonds on the calculator in high school
-tetris (recurring)
-watching slapstick videos on
-Delta Song trivia
-NBA Live '95 for Genesis
-a set of magnets I bought at a science museum gift shop
-this game where you push a pool ball down the table and it bounces off the far edge and comes back and you see who can get closest to the original edge
-bocce ball


Anonymous said...

what is "bocce ball"?

Tim Urban said...


Tim Urban said...

By the way, if you're using Firefox and this post is covered by big gray squares, I apologize. It only happens in Firefox, and I don't know how to make them go away. I hate them.

I hate the big gray squares.

Anonymous said...

Try literati on Yahoo games.

Anonymous said...

bouncy balls.

Anonymous said...

Those maps are without a doubt the best thing I've ever seen today.