iCock Tease

I've long been obsessed with technological devices. Walking around a Circuit City I'm like a girl in a shoe store, or myself in a hot sauce store. And no company creates delicious technology like Apple.* When the iPod first came out, I thought nothing could ever be more exquisite (we're all used to them now, but remember your amazement when you first held one?). Just yesterday I was checking out the OSX Leopard preview on Apple.com, and had to stop midway through because I was becoming aroused. Admittedly, I'm an iWhore.

So naturally, I'm sufficiently beside myself about the impending iPhone, which comes out in 2 delicious weeks (nerds should watch the chilling iPhone intro here). In fact, not only do I want it the day it comes out, I want to commit a crime shortly after purchasing it that will land me in prison for a year, so I can spend a year doing nothing but playing with my iPhone.

But there's a problem-- people keep saying extremely upsetting things to me, like "The first version will have a bunch of bugs and technical glitches-- you should wait for the second version, which will be much better."


So this leaves me with three options:

1) Buy it now, and as soon as the newer version comes out, be miserable knowing that if I had waited I would have it now anyway and it would be much better.

2) Wait.

3) Buy it now and buy the newer version when it comes out, spending $600 both times.

I hate all three of these options. They're all horrible. Screw you Steve Jobs.

On the other hand, the premiere of Top Chef is on tonight, which excites me. So not all is lost.

*There are a number of PC users reading this, thinking, "I don't get it-- Macs suck." Well I'm a good person to weigh in on this issue. I was a PC user from the earliest days until I was 22. And I hated Macs. I'd try to use one and it would be impossible, and I just liked my PC. PC's made sense. I hated everything about Macs.

Then after college I got more serious about writing and recording music, and I was forced to get a Mac because the best music software is made only for Mac. And it took about 2 days to realize that I was wrong the whole time. Macs are better. Period.


Anonymous said...

If you were in jail with your iPhone, you could write your blogs from there.. haha. Now I want a iPhone! I probably won't get one. So, what are you going to do, wait, or buy it now?

Anonymous said...

iWhore made me laugh outloud.

timmi said...

you could buy one now and sell it on ebay once the newer version comes out.

Anonymous said...

Top chef is nothing but extreme drama. Did you like the exotic food challenge ?

clyde devins said...

Fuck You Tim ...

I had stuff to do today but instead I'm watching Steve Jobs give an hour+ presentation on the iPhone.


Anonymous said...

no way... pcs are WAY better
Ipods are OK but for computers, I definetely prefer PCs

Chris said...

I am a computer consultant by profession, and a Mac Geek by choice. I use and an "expert" on both platforms because I have to be. Each platform has it's good points and it's bad points. Why can't I do a Crt-N in Windows to open a new file browsing window, why do I have to first start with "My Computer" either in the Start Menu or the Desktop (Windows 98 style) and then open a new Window? Why the Mac has something like "My Computer" it is not as well implemented. I also honestly hate the Dock on the Mac, and prefer the Windows task bar. But why in Windows do I have to find the Recycle Bin and right click it to empty it? Why can't there just be a menu?
And as long as I am ranting, I am not a fan at all of the new Cover Flow for Finder. Seems counter intuitive.

Anyway, Tim, I'd say go for it. I think there is a 50-50 chance that the iPhone is going to rock, or it is going to totally suck ass. I guess the first thing you have to ask yourself is, have you ever seen a touch screen that you actually liked typing on.

Anonymous said...

hahahah cool post.

Anonymous said...

So Tim, did you buy one?